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Our Mission

The staff here at our Neighborhood Bike Shops is committed to offering the best in sales and service for all your cycling needs.


From kids’ bikes to racing machines, comfort to electric, skinny tires to fat, we strive to make the experience easy and professional.


Over the last 13 years, and in the interest of giving back to the customers that support us, we have donated over 200 bikes to local schools, charities and civic organizations.


Know that when you shop with us, you are investing in both your health and your community.

Our team


Jesse Scatton

NBS Owner

With over 30 years in the bicycle industry, Jesse promotes the cycling lifestyle through his retail doors and donations. With experience wrenching for professional teams, riding and racing almost every type of bike, designing and representing wholesale product and growing a regional retail chain, he remains an avid student looking to learn more about what satisfies his customers and employees. Feel free to reach out with any feedback and/or suggestions. Happy Trails.


Trevor King

NBS East Sac

I grew up cycling since I can remember as my dad was a young avid cyclist growing up in the UK and got my brother and I going as young as who knows. Currently I’m studying Aerospace Engineering at Cal Poly SLO. Currently training to train as race season for road is not currently known. 



NBS East Sac

Wayne was introduced to the bike industry about 25 years ago through his involvement in The Downieville Classic Mountain Bike Festival and as one of the principle founding members of The Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship. SBTS is the non profit responsible for all the trail building and maintenance in and around the Downieville area.

Wayne ran the shop , Yuba Expeditions and was responsible for sponsorship and mainstreet logistics for the Classic Mountain Bike Festival. I'll try and get you a shot tomorrow. If you rode a shuttle from 2000 to 2012 we probably crossed paths. He us currently riding an Cannondale Slate Gravel Bike


Dan Stromberg

NBS La Riviera

Over at our Greenhaven location, Dan is available Wed thru Sunday to keep you on two wheels.

Dan was a bike messenger in San francisco from '99 to 2005 and worked in rental and used shops. He had his own shop with a partner there until he moved up here in 2018.

Dan discovered road racing and sport rides in the early 2000s and did some cross races, road races and alley cats. He enjoys cross country MTBing as well.
He has road bikes, mountain bikes, freight and cruiser bikes. My favorites are my home made work truck style bike (made from trek, dback and gt framesets), 78 stingray and 2016 Trek Emonda with duraace gruppo and C60 wheels.

"All year i ask the question, is it the Tour de France yet? For one day races i gotta go with Flanders for favorite race."

Dan is also a musician and drummer for Hell on Wheels(…) and Hedgemoan ( and his favorite band is !!!!!!MegadetH!!!!!!


Jason Kai

NBS Elk Grove

My name is Jason Cai, and I lead a life of contrasts. In the morning, I don the store manager's hat, guiding a team and ensuring our bike services shines. But when the clock strikes five, I shed the corporate skin and become a wind-whispered nomad on two wheels. My bike takes me to hidden corners of sacramento, where the only deadlines are sunsets and the only pressure comes from gravity. My heart beats double time, for the pulse of commerce and the rhythm of the road.


Damian Gonzalez

NBS Greenhaven

Store manager and NBS marketing


Former pro triathlete and mountain biker

Owner and Co-Founder of Cranked Naturals Plant Based Sports Nutrition in Sacramento

Manager for MDW Sports team


Leo Amar

NBS Carmichael

Leo brings with him over 20 years in the cycling industry.  He enjoys riding all types of bikes but especially loves riding his mountain bike in the High Sierra. Trained by Dr. Andy Pruitt at The Boulder Center for Sports Medicine as a certified bicycle fitter, Leo's goal is to fit riders to their bikes to optimize performance and comfort while reducing injury risk. Other than riding bikes in his free time, Leo loves attending car shows and hiking local trails with his dog. His passion for cycling and helping others enjoy the sport through proper fit and technique drives his work.

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